Thursday, October 16, 2014


Please pooh-pooh the perjurer

Just as an update, I have pretty plenarily paused all production on the PPPP due to personal preoccupations and predicaments which have produced less plentiful pleasure from perusing the poniverse.

Presently, a post on /mlp/ has purported to be from me, but this is pure perjury. My proper name is P, and my hash-thingy is !!Ubq1XMlMqvD.

If a particular person would like to continue the Project, please do, but please do not perjure my person in the process.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Are you interested in joining the PPP Project? If so, post here. Anonymous comments are permitted. Spam is not. Have a nice day! :)


Want to discuss the merits of the PPP Project? Do so here. Do NOT flame others or spam. Comments are moderated anyway.

Just to get things out of the way, here's a glossary of our acronyms:

P = myself
PP = Primary Product (the first proof-of-concept clip)
PPP = Perfect Plot Productions (the end goal, the edited episodes)
PPPP = Pony Plot Perfection Project (the Project as a whole)
PPPPP = Pony Plot Perfection Project Periodical (this blog)
PPPPPP = Pony Plot Perfection Project Planning Process (scheduling, assigning roles, etc.)
PPPPPPP = Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant (a member of the PPPP)
PPPPPPPP = Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant Pursuit (recruitment)
PPPPPPPPP = Persistently Party Pooping Pony Plot Perfection Project Protest Participant (haters)

Welcome to the PPPP Periodical

This post is where we will be tracking our progress until we start moving forward in leaps and bounds! The PPP will be posted on our YouTube channel, and mirrored here in their own posts.

Currently, we are in the recruitment phase.

Last updated: 04/25/2012